Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's like a gift... It's like I can't control it.

Did a relatively large water change on the ten gallon nano. Over the last two months one of the best macro algaes has sprouted up... halimeda algae, which is calciferous and actually makes up the sand base of some Caribbean reefs. This is very desirable and I've yanked out about a fourth of my chaeto to let the halimeda grow and hopefully get starve out the goddamn spiny bryopsis and green slimy hair algae.

Water changed the oscar... still hasn't eaten the last surviving crawfish. The brown alenni hides in a hole in the wood all the time. Also I added the freshwater mussel to the oscar tank... so far the oscar hasn't helped himself to a clam buffet.

The angelfish has started to pick on the larger bala shark now that the 55 gallon is sans discus. Today I bought some more bloodworms because I'd been out for several weeks... I actually forgot to put the bag back in the freezer and it dethawed, ruining the food, which is something I've done a lot actually. Hopefully the protein rich food will calm the angelfish back down. Good thing the bala is so fast it can avoid her easily.

It's going to be a real pain in the ass moving all these tanks. That's really all I've been thinking about in the last couple weeks. For anyone who doesn't know, I'll be moving in three weeks an hour away. Fortunately the new home is ideal for fish and I already have a spot for my 22o gallon as well as a whole fish room if I am that crazy or so inclined.



Blogger Aaron said...

Hello there, post some more updates. I would love to hear about the nano reef tank.

11:44 AM  

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